Paw Paw Perfection

Neal Peterson, a West Virginia farmer and owner of Peterson’s Paw Paws, blames refrigeration at least partly to blame for the demise of the Paw Paw as a common fruit in America. After World War II, the widespread use of refrigerated trucks meant vulnerable fruits (and vegetables) could be stored for longer and travel long […]

Update: Touring the Midwest

First, I personally want to start off this post with a big THANK YOU to all of those who supported us in the indiegogo campaign, and who continue to support us in writing this book. As I’ve been on the road over the last several days I’ve thought often of the gift donors gave to […]

Shiitake: the ABCs of endless culinary delights

Greetings & Happy Summer from Upstate NY. Since our campaign ended in May (thanks again to all the supportive folks!) Ken and I have been busy; writing the book, doing research, attending the North American Agroforestry Conference in Canada and presenting on shiitake mushrooms, planning visits to case study sites, and continuing our agroforestry research […]

Thank You, Chris Dennis

We are sad to report that Cornell Student and Videographer Chris Dennis went missing last week while canoeing on Cayuga Lake while camping with friends. Despite a heartfelt search by friends, family, and community he has not been located. Chris was a critical creative force in helping us produce media for this book and for […]


Media covers Forest Farming as Campaign Counts Down (audio & video)

We promote Forest Farming and Mushroom production and share information so others can achieve success cultivating non-timber forest products. With this in mind, please enjoy the following articles, audio, and video presentations. Our campaign video explains the book and why we need your gift to promote the best practices in sustainable forest farming.