Farming the Woods author Steve Gabriel on “The Permaculture Podcast”

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Please enjoy the conversation author Steve Gabriel had recently with Scott Mann of the Permaculture Podcast.

They cover a lot of ground about the relationship between permaculture and agroforestry and get into many of the specific systems of forest farming, including mushroom production, and use of tree crops for riparian buffers and windbreaks.

Here is an outline of the conversation:

We also discuss the book, our fundraising campaign, and the research we are conducting to track down and tell the stories of forest farmers.

Our thanks to Scott for putting together a great recording, and for all of the friends, colleagues, family, and forest farming enthusiasts that have supported our work. If you are reading this post please consider doing the following:

Go to the Permaculture Podcast website and have a listen to the podcast. We also have a video that describes our work at the Indiegogo site.

If you feel able to, consider a donation to support our research. The $50 mark (and above) gets you a signed copy of the book when it’s released – and you’ll be helping us improve the content of the book by enabling us to visit forest farms around the country.

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