Media covers Forest Farming as Campaign Counts Down (audio & video)

We are ten days from the end of our campaign.

Ken and Steve are very thankful and amazed at the generous outpouring of support.

Our campaign is over 70% of the way toward our goal of raising $8,000 and would really appreciate it if you can share our work and help us get over the top!

There has been a recently flurry of media around our work that we want to share with you. Our most important goal in our extension and research work (and how we promoting Forest Farming and Mushroom production) is to share information so others can achieve success cultivating non-timber forest products. With this in mind, please enjoy the following articles, audio, and video presentations.

Screen shot 2013-04-26 at 1.43.04 PMChelsea Green Publishing reports on crowd-source funded books
Our campaign had a mention in a recent article by our publisher, Chelsea Green. Titled “How to Use Crowdfunding to Finance your Sustainable Book Project” we are mentioned alongside the folks who wrote The Natural Building Companion in 2012, and more recently Eric Toensmeier’s successful campaign to finance his next book about Carbon Farming with Tree Crops.

WRFISteve Gabriel interviewed on Ithaca Community Radio
Co-author Steve Gabriel had a fun and interesting conversation with Sharon Clarke, host of The Morning Show on WRFI, a local community-owned station which broadcasts in Ithaca, Watkins Glen, and Odessa. In the interview, Steve and Sharon discuss his interest in forests, mushroom cultivation, and sustainable harvest of ramps, borrowing from a recent blog post on the topic.

Screen shot 2013-04-26 at 1.33.14 PMForest mushroom production video
Steve also recently presented “‪Forest Mushroom Production and Forest Health‬” as part of monthly webinars through Cornell’s Forest Connect program, a great resource for small woodlot owners and foresters run by Extension Forester Peter Smallidge. You can read about the presentation and watch the video at Cornell’s Forest Connect’s web site.

Screen shot 2013-04-26 at 1.34.09 PMPermaculture Podcast
If you missed the announcement, Steve also talked with Scott Mann of the Permaculture Podcast, where they cover a lot of ground about the relationship between permaculture and agroforestry and get into many of the specific systems of forest farming, including mushroom production, and use of tree crops for riparian buffers and windbreaks.

If farming in the woods captures your imagination, we need your support. If you are working in your woods for food, fuel and fiber, help us get this book out (and take our survey.) If you want a book devoted to practical skills and researched-based information for practitioners of agroforestry and permaculture, we need your donation! Our campaign video explains the background of the book and why we need your gift to promote the best practices in sustainable forest farming.

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