Thank You, Chris Dennis

chrisdennisWe are sad to report that Cornell Student and Videographer Chris Dennis went missing last week while canoeing on Cayuga Lake while camping with friends. Despite a heartfelt search by friends, family, and community he has not been located.

Chris was a critical creative force in helping us produce media for this book and for our mushroom work through Cornell extension. He was also just a wonderful passionate student who was a real joy to be around.

Here is the video he made for our book campaign:

I remember well the day we filmed this. It was rather cold. Chris was impressive in his ability to be both casual and professional – considering the limited amount of footage he took (not a lot) his skill in crafting compelling visual work is really impressive. We were planning to hire and work on more videos with Chris this coming summer. It was really fun to work with him.

Chris was also a student in the Permaculture Design Certification course that we co-teach in the Fall. He was so excited to learn the material and was always asking wonderful questions and taking video. I asked if he wanted to produce a short video about the class and he happily obliged:

And finally, most recently Chris worked on two videos as part of a final project, one on Forest Farming and one on Mushroom cultivation:

As I’m sure you can see from the videos, Chris had a keen eye for the world. He saw details and perspectives the rest of us glazed over and was able to tell a compelling story through video. He was thoughtful and responsive to input and feedback. I enjoyed very much the limited time I got to spend with him as we worked on these pieces. We are forever grateful and very sad at the loss of Chris to our community, and to the world.

His family spent considerable time and expense searching for Chris. Please consider a donation to help them – any amount helps.

— Steve Gabriel