Give the gift of Forest Farming for the holidays

Books, calendars, and more for the holidays Order online or visit the authors at the Ithaca holiday market on 12/23. Want to learn more about mushroom cultivation, forest ecology, and how to incorporate fruits, nuts, medicinals, animals, and more into cool temperate woodlots? Winter is a great time to study up and plan for the […]

Forest Farming on Permaculture Voices Podcast

Steve recently discussed forest farming with Diego Footer of the Permaculture Voices Podcast. In the discussion, he describes the difference between forest gardening and forest farming, the permaculture perspective in relation to forest management, examples of applying forest observation to design, climate change, and a number of crops including chestnuts, mushrooms, maple syrup, pawpaw, and […]

Pre-Order the Book now!

“At last, a comprehensive forest farming guide for cool temperate climates! The authors have done a superb job explaining forest ecology and describing how to integrate fruits, nuts, mushrooms, medicinals, animals, and more into forest systems. A must-read for anyone interested in agroforestry, forest gardening, or utilizing forests for specialty crops.” —Martin Crawford, author of […]

Paw Paw Perfection

Neal Peterson, a West Virginia farmer and owner of Peterson’s Paw Paws, blames refrigeration at least partly to blame for the demise of the Paw Paw as a common fruit in America. After World War II, the widespread use of refrigerated trucks meant vulnerable fruits (and vegetables) could be stored for longer and travel long […]