Authors Bring Their Experience Teaching and Researching in the Woods…

Ken Mudge has been involved in agroforestry research, teaching and extension for over 20 years. Steve Gabriel is an ecologist, educator, forest farmer and co-founder the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute.

The Forest Feast: an excerpt

Chapter 4 At the Cornell campus in Ithaca, NY, there is a woodlot called the MacDaniels Nut Grove where students and the public come to learn about forest farming.  In the fall of 2006, a memorable culinary occasion was held there called the forest feast in conjunction with a course  called Practicum in Forest Farming. […]

Indigenous and Historical Approaches: an excerpt

Chapter 2 Alongside the rapid and expansive growth of industrial agriculture were a small group of academics and agronomists who proposed strong arguments for the role tree crops could play in a more sustainable food system. Unfortunately, attention was really only paid to high-value commodity tropical crops such as coffee and cocoa, and little paid […]

Backyard Sugaring the Permaculture Way: an excerpt

Maple Sugaring is the first agricultural act of spring in the Northeast. It signals the awakening of the plant kingdom, with copious amounts of sap flowing up from the roots of the Sugar Maple,  awakening dormant buds and pushing forth flowers and eventually leaves that will be the solar array of the trees and forests […]